Cookie policies

Dasdach has developed this policy to inform you what a cookie is.

About cookies: Like most companies that operate through Internet sites, Dasdach uses cookies to improve the user experience on the Web. Dasdach cannot use these cookies, in any way, to personally identify a user / client, nor can these cookies harm your system or files.

What are cookies ?: A cookie can be defined as a text file that a web server sends to your browser from the moment it is accessed. The cookie or text file is implanted on the hard drive of your computer, incorporating information related to the user. Once your browser ends a session, the cookie implanted in your computer’s hard drive stops working. It is important to remember that our website will be able to remember the information that concerns you or that related to your preferences until the moment in which your browser session ends (if the cookie is temporary) or until the moment in which it is definitively removed from your system.

Your browser only allows web servers to access cookies – and the information contained in them – to the extent that they themselves have implanted it on your computer’s hard drive, and not those others that have been sent by other websites. In any case, cookies may not, under any circumstances, contain more information than what the user voluntarily provides, and they are also unable to invade the hard drive of their computer and surreptitiously send personal or other information to our website. If you want to disable our cookies or those of Google, you can access to the Google Ads Preferences Manager or you can also disable the use of cookies.

Our cookies can never be executed as codes or include viruses in their texts.

Third-party cookies: Dasdach assumes no responsibility for third-party cookies that third parties may install on your computer’s hard drive.

The use made by these third parties will be subject, where appropriate, to their own privacy policies and not to Dasdach’s Privacy Policy.

Google Cookies

Dasdach and other providers, including Google, use in-house cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) combined to report how impressions of site visitors relate to visits to a site. Ads, other uses of advertising services and interactions with these impressions of ads and advertising services.

Dasdach uses Google Display Network impressions report, demographics and interest reports from Google Analytics and Google Remarketing, a Google service for Internet ads. For this purpose, the information about your browsing habits, during your visit on our website, is collected anonymously and stored through the use of “cookies” (whose duration on your computer is 30 days). You can deactivate this use of Google cookies by clicking on the link: Google Privacy Center . For more information on this Google technology, please consult the Google privacy policy .

Serve advertising through the Google Adwords service: When accessing the Dasdach website, a Google Adwords cookie is installed on the User’s computer. This cookie will be used to display advertising, text, graphic or video advertisements to Users who have previously visited our website.

This cookie DOES NOT store the Users’ personal information under any circumstances. Only information about visited sites and interests shown by browsing the Internet.

If you want to disable Google Analytics cookies for display advertising and personalize Google Display Network ads, you can access the Google Ad Preferences Manager or you can also disable the use of cookies from others.

See the currently available disabling means of Google Analytics for the Web .

Facebook Cookies

Dasdach uses the information provided by Facebook, which is collected through Facebook cookies in all those users who have a Facebook account, use Facebook services, including their website and applications (regardless of whether they register or not. , or whether they are logged in or not), or visit other websites and applications that use Facebook services (including the “Like” button or advertising tools).

How to control Facebook’s use of cookies to display ads?

One of the purposes for which Facebook uses cookies is to show useful and relevant ads inside and outside of Facebook. You can control how Facebook uses the data to display ads using the tools described below.

From a Facebook account:

  • You can use your ad preferences to know by what a particular ad sees and control how Facebook uses the information it collects to display ads.
  • Some of the ads you see are based on your activity on websites and apps outside of the Facebook family of companies. This is what Facebook calls “interest-based internet advertising.” You can control whether you want to view Facebook interest-based internet ads in the ad settings
  • Facebook Audience Network allows advertisers to show ads on applications and websites outside of the Facebook family of companies. One of the ways that the Audience Network displays relevant ads is through your ad preferences in order to determine which ads may interest you. You can control this in the ad settings .

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